photos: Eric Roth
Mark Christofi was one of seven local designers to create an incomparable collection of seven models at the W-Residences called Inspired Concepts by DVC (Designers, Vendors and Contractors) in Boston last Spring.
Mark's unit, or Pod, entitled "A sense of place, the Mod Pod" is a Nod to the late 60's / early 70's, with a progressive slant on the disco era. Large graphics and pops of color combine to create a stylish, mature setting ideal for the sophisticated city dweller whom shall always remain young at heart.
Inspired by the period video "Life on Mars" and "Nashville," this updated concept "felt like a direct response to the graphic nature of the 60's juxtaposed to a modern, organic feeling which gave way to the 70's." The Mod Pod is a current, hip domain that is livable and penurious. This "Love American Style" den is all about collaboration, from the concoction of the graphic stylings of Matt Cody (Portland Color Lab) and the photographic talents of Eric Roth, to the artistic lighting by Lux Lighting, refreshed era pieces by Circle Furniture, and accessories by Marimekko, the Mod Pod truly is an innovative a blast from the past.
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